Change into Action works closely with the city’s existing services to help identify the people most in need, encouraging support workers to apply for vital funding that will help them take the next step in their journey.

Recently, we were introduced to RS, who visited SIFA Fireside in Digbeth looking for support with finding work and accommodation. SIFA Fireside’s ‘Drop In’ is the main access point to support and services for vulnerably housed and homeless adults in Birmingham. Visitors can access food, showers and clothing as well as a range of support services dealing with physical and mental health and different aspects of everyday wellbeing.

To help him on his way, Change into Action funded a bus pass for a month, to help him get to and from work, as well as a deposit for his rent, the letting fee and the first month’s rent. This really helped RS have the confidence that this was time for change; for him to start his new job knowing that he didn’t have to worry about money for the first month, giving him a much needed fresh start.

RS came to SIFA Fireside unsure of his future, and with the help of Change into Action the team was able to help him through the challenging transition period, in order for him to break free of homelessness and secure permanent employment.

Speaking about working with Change Into Action SIFA Fireside, said:

“With Change Into Action funding support, our clients can make the first step allowing them to reach their ultimate goal, which is of course ending homelessness.”

Small change into big change

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