Moving into independent accommodation was a big adjustment for Suzie, especially as her long-term partner had recently left. After losing such a key source of support and companionship, Suzie was struggling to adjust to her new home but was too anxious to join any local support groups or activities to keep her busy and rebuild her support network.

Shelter made an application to Change into Action to buy a TV and pay for Suzie’s TV licence which helped to relieve her anxieties and provided a welcome distraction so that Suzie could start to think about her future.

A support worker from Shelter said: “If Suzie hadn’t received this support from Change into Action it is likely that she would have returned to rough sleeping or experienced a worrying decline in her mental wellbeing. This support has provided Suzie with a source of comfort during a critical phase in her recovery that would not have been possible without the help of Change into Action.”

Four months later, Suzie is still living in her property and has not returned to rough sleeping.


Small change into big change

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