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Our services are there for rough sleepers on the streets, in day centres and housing, and you can help us do more.

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Our dedicated teams ensure your change makes a personal difference to the life of a rough sleeper.

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It starts with you. Our multi-disciplinary teams get to know and understand the individual circumstances that lead to rough sleeping, that is how your help is matched to an individual’s needs.

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Directing your care through our expert teams, targets help to maximize its impact. Show you care in two ways:

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Changing The Story

Unsure of his future, RS visited SIFA Fireside looking for help with finding employment and accommodation.

Despite facing many challenges along the way, he was able to secure employment and get off the streets, but needed that little bit of extra help.

Change Into Action funded a bus pass for a month, to help him get to and from work, as well as a deposit for his rent, the letting fee and the first month’s rent. RS was able to start his new job knowing that he didn’t have to worry about money for the first month, giving him a much needed fresh start.

SIFA Fireside helped a couple, who had been sleeping rough for four years, find more permanent accommodation.

The challenge came when they were moved to a flat on the outskirts of the city, which meant it took them an hour to travel in for appointments with doctors and substance misuse services, as well as getting their benefits.

A successful application to Change Into Action saw the couple receive Swift cards so they didn’t have to worry about the costs of travel for the first couple of months, during which time they were able to transfer the majority of their services so that they were more local to them.

For most of us, something as simple as having ID doesn’t really factor into our everyday lives; it’s a given that we can easily access a passport or driving licence.

But imagine losing everything… not just your purse or wallet, but the life that you once knew. This was the reality for DL.

The cost of applying for a new passport seemed completely out of reach until SIFA Fireside applied for Change Into Action funding, which helped DL get his new passport and register for employment and support services.

“I kept thinking of how I will cope indoors after being on the streets for over ten years, I am still learning to handle myself and to process things in my head.”