For most of us, something as simple as having ID doesn’t really factor into our everyday lives; it’s a given that we can easily access a passport or driving licence. Even if you were to lose your wallet or handbag, whilst stressful, you know that you could get everything back again within a matter of days.

But imagine losing everything… not just your purse, but the life that you once knew.

This was the reality for DL, who had been trying hard to register for work and get help from supporting agencies but couldn’t because he had no valid identification documents.

The cost of applying for his passport seemed completely out of reach until SIFA Fireside applied for Change into Action funding.

DL said:

“I am so grateful to Change into Action for covering my passport fees. As soon as I receive my new passport I can register for work and identify myself to supporting agencies, to help me back on my feet. Thank you!”

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