A lead worker from SIFA Fireside, applied for Swift cards for a couple that she was supporting:

"Our work at this time was focused on getting them engaged in the key services they required, including a GP in the city centre, substance misuse services and claiming benefits. They were moved to the outskirts of Birmingham and it was taking over an hour for them to travel into the city for appointments, which was proving a challenge.

I applied for money from Change into Action for my clients B & A who had been sleeping rough for over four years in the city centre. We had supported them to make a homelessness application in July, which saw them placed in a hotel initially and then later into a flat."

SIFA Fireside applied to Change into Action for money to buy  Swift cards for the couple so they didn’t have to worry about the costs of travel for the first couple of months, during which time they were able to transfer the majority of their services so that they were more local to them. 

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If you would like to give your time and be an active volunteer to help change the lives of vulnerable people, including those affected by homelessness, please visit do-it.org

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