You can help Solihull’s specialist teams to help rough sleepers by letting them know the whereabouts of people you think are rough sleeping. You can do this by using StreetLink - a location application that sends the precise location of the person needing attention to outreach teams.

How StreetLink works

  1. Locate a rough sleeper who needs help
  2. Type in the street name or postcode of their exact location into StreetLink
  3. Opt in to be kept updated on the information you have provided

How can I help a rough sleeper

If you want to help, donate your change directly through Change into Action to ensure your support helps a rough sleeper. 

Small change into big change

Your donation will personally benefit a person sleeping rough. Trusted local charities and street teams will help rough sleepers to identify those things that can really make a change to their personal circumstances, they will then receive and make use of those funds.