The number of people sleeping rough on Dudley's streets is small, but we believe that every person has the right to have a safe, long term home.  In Dudley there are services in place to ensure that no person who sleeps rough needs to spend a second night out on the streets.  Dudley Council's Homelessness Prevention Team will work with each rough sleeper to secure an overnight place of warmth and safety and will work with the person to secure long term suitable accommodation.

For many vulnerable people, the journey from sleeping rough to having a home of their own is often a daunting prospect. We work together with our partners to provide a support network that helps rough sleepers. Our teams are committed to working with individuals to provide accommodation, hot meals, medical treatment and ultimately a better future.

Our collaborative effort, supported by your donations, will turn small change into a big change.  We will work with selected delivery partners who have a focus on preventing rough sleeping by providing pro-active help to rough sleepers and helping them to find a long term home.  Our delivery partners have been selected to have a supportive but focussed approach to ensure that donations are used in a way that helps to positively change lives rather than to sustain entrenched rough sleeping.

The network that is hard at work

Change into Action is an alternative giving scheme that supports specialist charities and street teams working to change the circumstances of people experiencing homelessness or rough sleeping.

It is a partnership between Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, the West Midlands Combined Authority and many organisations and public-sector bodies that are working across Dudley. Donations are received and held by Dudley Council for Voluntary Services (DCVS) and then shared among trusted, local partners that support people who are rough sleeping, or are at risk of rough sleeping.

All donations go directly to supporting people at risk.

Some of the heroes behind the scenes

Without a network of services and dedicated charities, it is difficult for any help that is provided to make long term changes. Here are just some of the heroes behind the scenes and the work they do.

West Midlands Police is the second largest police force in the country, covering an area of 348 square miles and serving a population of almost 2.8 million. Preventing crime, protecting the public and helping those in need is their vision.

Dudley Housing Partnership is a forum between Dudley Council, providers of affordable housing and key stakeholders working in the borough. One of the key aims of the partnership is to work with the council and other agencies to develop and implement the borough’s housing and homelessness strategies.  In addition to this, they work with the council and other agencies to enhance the health and wellbeing of local residents by providing safe and healthy homes and contributing to other relevant activities.

Midland Heart is a leading housing organisation that owns and manages 34,000 homes across the Midlands. They own and manage Saltbrook Place, a 58 unit supported housing scheme for homeless people in Lye. The scheme offers ensuite rooms and apartments, some of which have dog kennels for pet owners. The scheme also has IT facilities and a gym. Dudley MBC Homelessness Prevention Team can arrange access to this scheme.

Dudley CVS was established in 1974. We act as an umbrella body for the community and voluntary sector in Dudley and we are one of more than 280 CVS organisations promoting effective voluntary action throughout England. As a CVS, we have a strong commitment to working in partnership with voluntary organisations, community groups and other relevant bodies, such as local and central government.

CHADD is dedicated to providing a safety net in crisis and a springboard to a better future for vulnerable people in Dudley. We provide supported housing to homeless young people aged 16 to 25 through our ‘On Route Foyer’ service. In addition to supported accommodation, we provide a range of training, education and personal development programmes for young people. We also work with victims of domestic abuse and the Women’s Refuge service in Dudley, providing emergency housing and support for victims.

The Homelessness Review Group is a multi-agency group that meets to share information on homelessness and rough sleeping and is committed to working together to prevent homelessness from occurring.

The Brierley Hill Project has aspirations that every person experiences hope, belonging, purpose and personal value. Through building strong relationships and being an active participator in the community our hope is that each person will reach their full potential being capable of making informed and responsible decisions.

The YMCA provides housing and support for vulnerable people, those who are homeless and young parents. They provide residents with training and development that can often lead to employment and give people a sense of purpose and direction.

Provision House is a charity based in Dudley in the heart of the Black Country. It exists to provide furniture, household essentials, clothing and food to families and individuals who are in need. We help those whose lives are a daily struggle due to the hardship that they face. We also provide advice, support, volunteering opportunities, training and friendship.
We can provide a helping hand so that those in need can step up into a better and more comfortable way of living, to have hope and a brighter future.

Street Support Network works to connect people and organisations to support those who need it the most. Street Support West Midlands can help you to find help, give help and learn about homelessness.

Are you putting Change into Action?

You can find out more about how we use your donation by reading our funding guide or by contacting DCVS for more information.

Small change into big change

Directing your care through our expert teams targets help to maximise its impact.

Show you care in two ways:

Give your time

If you would like to give your time and be an active volunteer to help change the lives of vulnerable people, including those affected by homelessness, please visit Dudley CVS website