We are working with rough sleepers

We are committed to addressing rough sleeping and homelessness in Walsall and work closely with people at risk. We invest time and support into changing lives.

Work is carried out with the support of local organisations, charities and outreach services within the local area.

All of your donations will benefit individuals sleeping rough or at risk of homelessness in Walsall.

Walsall Hippo
“I kept thinking of how I will cope indoors after being on the streets for over ten years, I am still learning to handle myself and to process things in my head.”

Small change into big change

Directing your support through our expert teams targets help to maximise its impact.

Show you care in two ways:

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Together for change

Our dedicated services ensure that your change makes a difference.

One Team

Our multi-disciplinary teams get to know and understand the circumstances that lead to rough sleeping, which is how your help is matched to an individual's needs.